Campus Talks and Workshops

Dr. Pittman is available for on-campus lectures and workshops about:

  • Effective strategies for classroom incivility
  • Teaching experiences of marginalized faculty and graduate students
  • Classroom experiences of marginalized undergraduate students
  • Teaching effectiveness and student evaluations
  • Inclusive teaching
  • How to document your teaching effectiveness for P&T
  • How to evaluate teaching effectiveness for tenure and promotion
  • Efficient syllabus preparation
  • Efficient weekly course preparation
  • Efficient lecture preparation
  • Efficient grading strategies

Please email if you would like a talk or workshop on a teaching issue not listed here and/or to learn more about those listed above.

One-On-One Coaching

Wondering how to address race, gender, sexual orientation, etc. classroom dynamics? Looking for a safe space to discuss your classroom experiences where you won’t be invalidated? Prefer to get confidential teaching support away from your institution? Feel as though your campus’ teaching and learning center doesn’t “get” marginalized statuses in the classroom? Not sure how to deal with classroom incivilities?

I offer one-on-one coaching to help academics address these sensitive issues in a safe, supportive and private manner. This service provides personalized teaching support, feedback, and consultation throughout a semester with unlimited email support and weekly 30 minute coaching calls. We will use the weekly coaching call for support, accountability, troubleshooting, etc—however appropriate for your specific teaching needs. The email support is invaluable as it allows you to receive feedback and support on teaching issues that arise between our weekly call. [If you have a narrowly defined problem and prefer individual coaching sessions to address a very specific teaching issue, I also offer one-on-one coaching at $285/hr.]

One-on-one coaching helps academics identify key teaching challenges, develop potential plans of action, and troubleshoot putting the action plan in place. Most importantly, one-on-one coaching provides confidential safe space and teaching support while you are navigating sensitive teaching issues.

Group Coaching/Teaching Community: A Stress Free Semester

Would you like to join a supportive group focused on teaching? Looking for a community of people working towards teaching efficiently but well? Need daily support at implementing efficient teaching? Did you complete the Teaching in No Time course but worry you will return to over-prepping?

I offer Group Coaching via the Stress-Free Semester program to provide semester-long support and accountability to academics implementing efficient yet effective teaching. During the 14 week session, you will be a part of a private group of academics dedicated to reducing teaching prep and grading time. This program includes a weekly group coaching call with me. During the call, I will address any questions or issues that might arise as you shift to efficient teaching practices. It also includes an exclusive online group where you will have safe space to ask questions, share resources, and get feedback from other academics working towards a reduction of teaching anxiety and time.

Group Coaching: A Stress Free Semester provides support and accountability for academics wanting to teach efficiently to create more time for research and/or life balance. A 14 week session (i.e. weekly coaching calls plus ongoing support of a private group of like-minded individuals) begins at the start of each semester. Please email if you would like to join this community.

T&P reviews: Teaching Effectiveness Documentation Plans

Are you trying to figure out how to respond to recent reviews of your teaching? Wondering how to address race, gender, sexual orientation, etc. classroom dynamics in your review materials? Are your institution’s course evaluations not attentive to the learning goals and pedagogies of your classroom?

To help you address these and related issues, I can offer a customized consultation and alternative plan for documenting your teaching effectiveness. Through consultation with you, you will receive a:

  • Comprehensive evaluation of your current teaching effectiveness materials
  • One-on-one teaching effectiveness consultation phone call
  • Personalized alternative plan to help you develop the materials you need to better document your teaching effectiveness.

This comprehensive and personalized plan will help you develop the strategies, feedback, documents, etc. you need to better describe your teaching effectiveness.

Please email if you would like more information about this service.

Teaching In No Time - 4 Week Telecourse

Are you exhausted after completing a semester of teaching? Do you have a new course preparation but have no idea where to start? Do you want to avoid spending too much time on teaching while your research time suffers?

In this four-week tele-course you will learn the basics of planning and executing a stress-free course. Through weekly calls and exercises, you will develop the skills you need to teach effectively with less time and stress. Participants can revise a current course or plan a new one.

At the end of this course, participants will have weekly course topics, lesson plans for the first two weeks, and course assignments. Each of these key course components will be chosen and designed by you to increase teaching effectiveness while also reducing preparation and grading time. This course is ideal for new or experienced teachers at research or teaching universities who want to reduce the anxiety and/or time associated with teaching. Please email if you would like to join this course.


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