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Inclusive Teaching and

Classroom Incivility

Teaching Excellence: Developing Effective Practices for Inclusive Classrooms

Inclusive teaching is important to the retention and success of all students but especially for diverse students.  Participants will learn about the research basis for inclusive teaching. In an interactive manner, participants will engage and begin to apply the four main components of inclusive teaching to their own practice. At the end, participants will know what they can immediately do to improve their inclusive teaching and/or have a plan for future improvements.

Professor & Students
Developing Effective Strategies for Classroom Disruptions & Incivility

Student incivility and inappropriate disruptions can derail faculty effectiveness and student learning-- especially for diverse faculty and students. In an interactive format, participants will learn about diverse faculty & students’ experiences with classroom incivility and other disruptions to their learning. They will also learn about the potential consequences for diverse students of unchecked classroom incivilities. Most importantly, participants will learn about and practice strategies they can use to address student classroom incivility. At the end, each participant will have an individual plan to address potential classroom incivilities.

Black and White Students

Book your complimentary exploratory conversation about inclusive teaching and/or classroom incivility

Campus workshops are a great way to build your institution’s capacity to support diverse faculty, diverse students, and inclusive teaching. They allow members of your campus community to get together face to face and move their diversity and teaching goals forward in a compressed yet effective time format.


Effective & Efficient Faculty workshops are:

  • Informed by research

  • Based on efficient (rather than time intensive) evidence-based practices

  • Conducted in an interactive manner

  • Planned as a hands-on working session

  • Designed with outcomes in mind such that participants leave with actions they can implement immediately and a plan for future actions

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