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Services for Promotion, Tenure, and the Job Market

The online/virtual services below support academics as they create their teaching materials for the academic term, job market, retention, tenure, and/or promotion reviews. The academic and coach will work together in a collaborative process to produce both guidance and feedback for these teaching materials.  These services are provided in 30, 60, and 90 day formats to allow time for this collaborative process. Though the longer format is recommended, expedited formats (e.g. hourly or a 2-3 day intensive) can be arranged as necessary.

Formats: Individual Virtual Consulting/Coaching, Online Professional Development Course

To schedule a consultation for support, contact or fill out our contact form by clicking below

Understanding Your Student Ratings/Course Evaluations**
Teacher Assisting a Student

New and experienced teachers may not know how to interpret their student course evaluations. Yet this skill is essential to creating or maintaining effective teaching and a successful academic career. This service provides guidance to help academics identify and understand (and potentially address) both the patterns and outliers in the data from their student course evaluations.

Collecting and Presenting Data about Student Learning in Your Courses

Teaching effectiveness is best demonstrated with multiple types of evidence. This service provides guidance to help academics identify, collect, and analyze data about student learning in their courses.

Analysing the Numbers
Teaching in No Time (TINT) for Diverse Faculty: Preparing for a Stress-Free *Flexible* Semester (Across Delivery Modalities - F2F, hybrid, online, synch live & remote, etc)

[This course has been updated to prepare faculty to teach across delivery modalities during the upcoming unpredictable Fall 2020 academic term.]

The diversity service demands and teaching loads for diverse faculty can result in less time for research, grant writing, and other life pursuits.  In an interactive format, diverse faculty will learn how to teach effectively with less time and stress. Participants can revise a current course or plan a new one. At the end, participants will have weekly course topics, lesson plans for the first two weeks, course assignments, and a grading strategy for the term. 

Business Woman Typing
Preparing for your Classroom Observation

Peer classroom observation is a proven method to demonstrate teaching effectiveness. Unfortunately, often campuses use this method incorrectly with potential negative career consequences for faculty. This service introduces the individual to the essential components of collaborative peer classroom observation. At the end, the academic will have a specific and individualized plan (for themselves and their observer) with which to conduct the teaching observation in line best practices.

A close examination of student course evaluations might not be possible for academics who do not have the time or energy to do so (too painful to read, cannot take time away from a final publishing push before a review, inexperience interpreting student feedback, etc.). Yet, not doing so limits that academic’s ability to understand, discuss, and address student perspectives of their teaching in their review materials. This service supports academics by providing a confidential review and summary of their student course evaluations.

Private & Confidential Summary of Your Student Ratings/Course Evaluations
Legal Research and Writing

A teaching statement should clearly and concisely communicate about various aspects of your teaching. This seems like a simple document to create and written guides on how to do so are plentiful—yet many find it is not a straightforward task. This service helps those who want hands on support and guidance towards drafting their teaching statement.

Writing Your Teaching Statement/Narrative
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