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Effective & Efficient Faculty

Promoting and Supporting Diversity and Inclusion in Teaching (to Retain and Promote the success of BIPOC Faculty and Students)

Struggling to retain BIPOC and diverse faculty and students?

Not sure how to deal with classroom incivilities?
Wondering how to address race, gender, sexual orientation classroom dynamics?
Need guidance or ongoing support at reducing teaching anxiety?
Trying to figure out how to respond to recent reviews of your teaching?
Prefer to get confidential teaching support away from your institution?
Looking for a like-minded community to keep you accountable?


Effective & Efficient Faculty provides online/virtual speaking, professional development courses, and individual consulting & coaching services to academics and institutions on topics related to teaching, diversity and inclusion. We provide that support and accountability so that teaching can be excellent and inclusive, yet also efficient. We also provide services to faculty who feel their classroom dynamics and evaluations are impacted by marginalized statuses or course content (e.g. race, gender, sexual orientation, etc.).


For more information about formats and content, visit our services page!

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