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Coaching and consultation help academics and institutions to identify key retention and teaching challenges, develop potential plans of action, and troubleshoot putting the action plan in place. It also provides confidential safe space and teaching support while academics are navigating sensitive teaching issues. It is uniquely suited for those who are proactive about excellent teaching and supporting BIPOC and diverse faculty.


Effective and Efficient Faculty’s Individual Virtual Coaching benefits (*not available at most teaching centers):


  • 1-on-1 focus & attention of the teaching coach*

  • Immediate & direct access to college teaching and student expertise*

  • Sustained support and coaching from a teaching expert*

  • Expedited progress on the teaching goal while maintaining teaching effectiveness*

  • Specialized research knowledge on marginalized (e.g. race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, etc.) course content *

  • Intentional evidence-based emphasis on the relationship between teaching practices and faculty’s marginalized statuses*

These group coaching programs based on research and evidence-based strategies will take you from beleaguered, barely surviving and thinking about exiting to empowered and thriving in academe.

Sign-up to receive announcements and information about the next cohort (planned for Aug/Sept 2022) of these programs:

  • Developing Effective Strategies for Classroom Disruptions & Incivility

  • Documenting Teaching Effectiveness for Reviews

  • Thriving in Higher Education (Extra powerful for those who are an Only or one of the Few)

Group Coaching
Bullet Journal

This service is for academics who are short on time but need to accomplish a big teaching task (e.g. teaching materials for a review; preparation for a new course; ASAP teaching adjustments in response to review, course evaluations, classroom incident; etc.). For individuals who need immediate, in-depth, and sustained work completed in a short time frame, I offer a virtual “intensive”. An intensive is a coaching and consulting service where the faculty member and I work together closely virtually for 2-3 days towards completion of the teaching-related task. 

Virtual Teaching Intensive (e.g. Virtual Teaching Retreat)
Taking Note

Hourly virtual coaching and consultation can be arranged when an individual has a concise and brief teaching issue for which they need consultation or advice. As with all of the individual coaching and consulting, the hourly service provides teaching support that is a confidential and safe space for those who are navigating sensitive teaching issues or who are just dedicated to excellent teaching.

Hourly Virtual Coaching/Consultation
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